My Cloth


My task here is to build an e-commerce website for a small company called My Cloth

How I'm doing it

This was a job I got one Friday night during COVID 19. I got a message from a guy I know who has a business selling a cleaning cloth product he asked me could I create a website for him so he could sell online instead of getting phone calls every day and make his life easier. I was happy to do the site as I do love making websites. I went to see him the next day so we could discuss what he wanted from the site. After talking to him I figured out all he needed was a two page ecommerce site.

After meeting with the client we decided that the best way to build and run the site was on WIX and as it was an
e-commerce WIX is one of the best web builders to use. For this I am updating the companies logo, designing and developing the site and will be making changes in the future if necessary.

After I went home from meeting the client I got straight to work. I decided the website would have two pages, a home page and a shop page. I first sketched out the home page and gave it three sections the first section showed off the brand and the name of the company. the section section was an about section that tells the customer a bit about the company and about the cleaning cloth, the final section shows the user an image of the cloth and has a button that takes them to the shop page.

The second page is the shop page and I split it into two sections, the first section has the slogan of the company and then the second section ass the customer to place an order, they can choose the quantity they want and then they can click buy and it then takes them to where they can add in their address and card details so they can place the order.

I also sketched out the new logo which did not take long cause I just had to make it bigger and add Ltd. After a few weeks the client changed his mind and wanted to keep the Ltd just outside below the logo.

I then got to work on learning different things on WIX as I had never used it before. So far I have found it easy to use as you can drag elements around the screen and make it look how ever you want without using any code.

After I had learned how to use Wix for what i needed I then got to work creating the home and shop page, these where easy enough as I was able to pick and choose from different elements that I wanted and then change them to the style and text that I wanted.

After getting the pages created the client then contacted me to say he wanted me to add in a reviews section on the shop page. I agreed with this and thought it was a good idea it would allow current customers to tell others what they think about the cloth and hopefully it will entice new customers to buy the cloth. I did not know how to create a review system on Wix so I went to youtube and found a very helpful and informative video that I followed to create the review system.

First of all I created a database where the customers Name, review and the amount of stars they give would be saved when they submit the review, I then created a light box where the user would type in their review and then a submit button. After all that I link the different elements to the corresponding sections on the database. after that I was able to leave a review an have it appear on the site.

This was the final piece of the website puzzle after that I should it to the client and this was where he wanted the logo changed back and his contact details added in below the brand. I enjoyed designing and creating this website as I have a passion for websites and enjoyed learning the different things on Wix.

The website has gone live and have made over £400 in sales since launch.

You can find it here at:

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