For this site I was tasked with typing up an essay on a chosen topic and then to create a single page website using HTML and CSS that showed off my essay. I enjoyed this one cause I have a passion for web design

How I did it

After I was given the web essay brief I was then shown a list of 10 different people and design companies that I could talk about. I picked three of them and went off and researched them to see which one interested me the most.

When I was researching IDEO I came across their project where they partnered with Simplisafe to update Simplisafe's current outdated home security. I found this very interesting as IDEO took an old clunky system and updated it to look very sleek and modern. The question that I formed from my research was.

"How IDEO changed home secruity"

My Role

  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • Essay author

After I had decided on my topic and my question was gonna be I went off and grabbed my sketch out wireframes of what I wanted my page to look like. I created three different wireframes so I would have a choice of what I wanted it to look like. In the end as it was only a one page site I went with the first wireframe where I would have text first and then an image below it.

I then spent the next lot of weeks writing my essay. Then refining it so that I could start developing my page. The essay part was tedious and I just wanted to get to the exciting bit of coding my site.

I took me a few weeks to code my site and to get all my headings, text, images and navigation to be the way that I wanted them. I think my site turned out well however if i was to redo it I would change and make my site correlate with IDEOS three colours of white, black and yellow.

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